Sorry, Travis

It's well known that I'm basically perfect and always right. I would NEVER misplace my phone or my wallet, leave our battery charger plugged in at the cafe, or fart in a zipped up tent. So it came as a great surprise when I messed up something pretty crucial. I was just doing laundry, and used one of our panniers to carry my clothes to the bathroom. I noticed a small flap of cloth with some screws in it at the bottom of the pannier, and I didn't think it was important and lost track of it. 

Welllll, turns out that was Travis' shoe insert that allowed him to screw his cleat back in to clip in to his pedals. We ride with our shoes attached to our pedals because you get the upstroke as well as the downstroke when you pedal, and it makes pedaling uphill much easier. Good thing we weren't climbing over two mountain passes that day!!

Travis was so mad. He spent the whole ride hunkering down on his handlebars cursing me, and let me know at every break how much easier it would be if he were clipped in. This road wound up and around this cliffside at a 30 degree angle for about 20 miles. This road climbed so high it was called Looking Glass Road. 

Fortunately for me, Travis has a much better attitude and a much worse memory, so he claimed that his anger dissipated as soon as we hit the descent, which was glorious and long enough to make the massive climb feel like it was worth it. 

And when it was over, we were in the Two Medicine campground at Glacier National Park.