Short Stay in Hailey

Good news everyone! Still no signs of giardia. Bad news-- I might have made myself sick with exhaustion.

Before reaching Hailey we messaged the only host listed on just several hours before arriving, asking if we could camp in his yard. Amazingly, Seth replied and said yes! He even left his door open, and left clean towels in the bathroom. Warm Showers is incredible. People are very trusting and generous, but really I think it's bike tourists are so tired by the time the arrive there's very little energy left to destroy someone's house. I mean what kind of damage could I do???


We set up in Seth's backyard. He and his family really took the food not lawns thing to heart, because the only yard space he had left was a concrete pad. They had the kind of garden Floridians and Southerners in general only dream about-- black soil, no weeds, no bugs. I always start to think, "Man this cute western town might be a nice place to live," but then Travis told me that the last frost was June 10.


Seth offered us some beers, but I was so pooped I had to go to bed. Travis gabbed for another hour or so, he is such a freak and still had energy. He told me later he was kinda into the brutality of the day's ride. I was thinking about it and if I hadn't insisted that we change our route and stop for lunch we just would have kept going in the sun f o r e v e r. WTH TRAVIS. Anyway it was the Fourth of July so there were fireworks till after midnight and I slept horribly, and when I woke up I felt awful. Terrible headache, body aches, sooooooooo tired. Travis has really taken charge this trip and he let me rest while he packed up everything and even took more gear. Because we still had to ride 30 miles to our next campsite!!