The Old Galena Toll Road Trail

We thought we'd take it easy riding out if Ketchum. I was still feeling tired, and we're really in no rush. We were especially in no rush when we found another hot spring.


This one was called Russian John and it was in between the highway and the trail, with no signs or markers. The water was actually not an extreme temperature and we settled in for a warm soak and had lunch.


It was early afternoon before we were finished. There was a major hill planned for the day, but Galena Summit was a while off and maybe we just wouldn't get to it. We rode a multi-purpose trail out of Ketchum that people ski through in the winter, and we get beautiful views of the Boulder Mountains all day.


Then, decision time. It was 4pm, and the map said we needed to walk across this log and find the snowshoe trail that used to be the Old Galena Toll Road. If we wanted, we could just ride the pavement to the summit. Or just pitch the tent for the night.

Well of course we took the Old Galen Toll Road Trail!!


At parts you could tell it was an old road, you could even see the two tire tracks. For the most part, it was a reasonable incline, much more reasonable than the forest roads we've encountered. And the views!


The Boulder Mountains rose up behind us and wildflowers decorated the road in perfect color combinations.


Granted, the Old Toll Road was a little rough in places, and we probably walked half of it.


But finally it flattened off, we turned the corner and the Sawtooth range greeted us with its snaggled, icy peaks. We set up tent on our cliff side about 100 feet above the highway and ate a hasty dinner made with stream water from the melting ice pack above us. The mosquitoes were insane. Luckily they were weak Western mosquitoes and didn't really bite, but at any time there were 50 trailing and landing on us. Travis convinced me to scurry to the top of the hill to catch the sunset over the valley, and my poor little legs obliged, but not happily. What a sunset though.


And then, as the light sunk over the Sawtooth ridge, Travis said, "Claire, I have something to ask you." And he got down on one knee and proposed!


We're getting married!


Only took four bike tours.


The moon rose as we slid back down the mountain, and we settled down into our tent for the night, newly engaged.