Summer List 2015

Around April of 2013, me and my best friend Danielle sat down to lunch and started talking about everything we wanted to do that summer. On the back of our lunch receipt, we wrote down every place we wanted to visit, the fruit we wanted to pick, and most importantly all the places we wanted to swim. When I got back to a computer, I put the list into a spreadsheet, separated by categories and organized by what kind of time the activity needed-- after work, day trip, or weekend trip. And then every time we finished something, I noted the date and highlighted the activity. NERD ALERT. But you gotta organize your free time or else how are you gonna swim everywhere you want to?

This year is no different, and since I now live in North Central Florida instead of the Panhandle, rivers and springs reign for ideal swim spots. When my sister Scottie comes home from France in August, we're going to continue springs exploring by searching out new sinkholes we've never been to. But so far, here are some of the swimming spots I've visited this summer.

Cherokee Sink

Gilchrist Blue Spring

Manatee Springs

Madison Blue Spring

Some of the 11 springs visited along a Suwannee River canoe trip

Just one more spring to visit before we leave on Monday-- Ichetucknee Springs for my 31st birthday!